We serve you to protect your boat from extreme winters by Shrink Wrapping

We do a special job that needs some additional thought and precaution to be done. We have a well-developed team of experienced and skilled professionals to wrap your boat and prepare it for winter. Boats which arekept to be stationary for the winter gets wrapped to shed ice and snow from their covers, whereas boats which are transported are mainly covered to protect them from dirt, damage, and other hazards. Our shrink wrapping professionalsdrag themarketable equipment for transport or just to be protected from year-round outside storages and shelter on winter. Shrink wrap is produced under a wide variety of sizes and thicknesses that depends on the needed application, amount of durability and duration of exposure to different elements.

Initially the boat is arranged to receive a secondary construction which is made with support poles and strapping lines, tied bow-to-stern and port-to-starboard. This gives the plastic a skeleton to lie on and to keep the plastic off different parts of the boat. Multiple support lines are carefully suspended from the deck of the boat and support a belly line that runs 360 degrees around the boat's hull. Once this construction is completed, a particular part of plastic is cut and wrapped over the boat and protected to the belly line. The plastic must then be sealed and heat welded together to create a snug fit around the top and sides of the boat.We offer many countermeasures that inhibit moisture and mildew from forming on shrink wrapped units.

Wrapping Boat Spros